Bonus Episode | Best of Season 1

In this “Best of Season 1” compilation you’ll meet the Sensible People and listen back on highlights from the 25 episodes that put them on the map. Enjoy the evolution of Raw Dog, Amber and Tay as they build their chemistry and laugh with them clip-after-clip. The trio explore absurd observations, cringe-worthy topics, challenging games and interviews with guests from all walks of life. You’ll hear fake commercials such as, “The Pet F*cker,” comedy sketches like the “The Troll,” segments with recurring guest character Sonny Patel and more. Plus, celebrity interviews with Felicity Feline, Greg Peterson, Perez Hilton, Josh Richards and others. Season 1 has a little bit of fun for everyone and the highlights get wackier and funnier the deeper you dive. Please enjoy the best from the inaugural season of Sensible People and find out why they’ve become Chicago’s fastest growing comedy podcast.

*Please note that clips run back-to-back without transitions often in order to condense the full length of this bonus episode.

Special thanks to Will Lightfoot for editing this masterpiece.

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